First Baptist Church in Port Wentworth
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where is the church?

First Baptist Church is located on Highway 25 in central Port Wentworth, Georgia.  For directions, click here.
2.   When are the services?
Services are held every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.  For a detailed schedule of services, click here.
3.   Is child care provided?
Child care is provided for all Sunday & Wednesday services for infants & toddlers (ages 0-2).  For children age 2 through 5th grade, activities & classes are available for all Sunday & Wednesday night services.  [During Sunday morning worship, children ages 2 through Kindergarten will join the congregation for the first half of the service, then are escorted to "Children's Church" for more age-appropriate interaction.]
4.   What should I wear?
Like most churches, our members try to make their worship time a church a special time, often reflected in the way they dress.  Some dress formally in honor of His awe & wonder (dresses & suits); some dress casually in reflection of His undeniable acceptance (jeans & t-shirts).  YOU ARE WELCOME JUST AS YOU ARE.  We only ask that you consider Christian decency in respect of God and the others in the congregation.
5.   What do I bring?
Bring your Bible to follow-along during the pastor's message.  Bibles are provided in each pew if needed.  Consider bringing an umbrella if rain is forecasted (there are no covered parking areas or drop-off areas).
6.   Where do I park?
Parking spaces are located on the front, side, and rear of the Fellowship Hall, the building adjacent to the sanctuary.  Overflow parking onto the grassy areas on the side of the sanctuary and across the street in the triangular-shaped patch may be used, if necessary.
7.   Where do I go once I arrive?
For Sunday School, enter through either set of glass doors on the front or rear of the building and someone will be happy to assist you in finding an appropriate class for you and your family.  For Sunday morning & evening worship services, enter through the main doors at the front of the sanctuary, near the fountain.  All Wednesday night activities are held in the social hall, the 2-story building adjacent to the sanctuary, accessible from the rear of the building through either set of double-doors.
8.   Are there age-appropriate classes for my children and/or teenagers?
Sunday school classes are available for all age groups.  Children age 2 through Kindergarten may also participate in "Children's Church" during the Sunday morning service.
9.   Are there any other service tips?
Please silence or turn off any cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices during services.
For Nursery & Preschool children, parents should register at the Nursery entrance in the sign-in book.  Pagers are provided in case parents need to be contacted during the service.  There is constant video surveillance of all the nursery/preschool areas which can be viewed on the monitors in the main foyer.
There is a "crying room" located in the foyer where parents may take crying infants during the service.  The room has a one-way glass so that parents may still view & listen to service activity.
Offerings are held at each Sunday service for membership tithing; visitors are neither required nor expected to contribute.
There is an attachment on bulletins that visitors are asked to complete and place in the offering plate so that we may have a record of your visit.
At the end of each service, visitors are welcome & encouraged to make their way to the stage area to speak with the pastor or other church leader if desired.

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